We thank all of our customers for their support, courtesy, and loyalty. Below are testimonials from our customers and we thank you for taking the time to write back to us.

DGE & Jewelers



If you're looking to sell gold, silver or coins we highly recommend Doylestown Gold Exchange at 812 N. Easton Road in Doylestown. My husband Mike and I are so glad we stopped in today! We were served right away by Kristy and Greg with friendly service in a clean and uncluttered shop. They took their time with us to review every item and explain what they were doing and also answered our many questions We also came away with much more than we anticipated! We highly recommend them and look forward to doing more business here! Check out their website. They have loads of great informational videos as well: doylestowngoldexchange.com

Donna G.


I needed same day repair on my ring and they did an amazing job. I called at 10a and needed it by 3 and they were very accommodating.

Leah B.


Doylestown Gold Exchange is a great place to shop for your gold and diamond needs. The staff is very friendly and Greg (their Gemologist) is very knowledgeable and helpful. I always had an impression of "will buy your gold and diamonds" places to be a little shady but was pleasantly surprised to find this group very professional and helpful. The are very fair in appraising your old jewelry and offered a fair market value for our old jewelry and diamonds. Will use this place for all our diamond and gold needs.

F Ahmed


I contacted Greg to replace a battery in my Samsung Gear watch. I was surprised by his warm hospitality and professional expertise while observing him repairing my smartwatch. I would highly recommend him to all my family and friends. Thanks Greg

Don Berkhimer


I had to shop around to compare them with other establishments. Don't waste time with other businesses, these folks are upfront, honest, and fair.

James H.


Always a pleasure dealing with Greg whether you're buying silver selling gold or looking for diamonds. A great small family business.

Dan D.


Such nice people! I brought in a necklace for repair that is not expensive, but has great sentimental value to me. They generously repaired the chain at no cost, and it was ready for pickup the very next day! Very friendly and had some beautiful and unique jewelry too! They made a loyal customer out of me!

Emily E.


I have bought many pieces of jewelry from the Doylestown Gold exchange and can say, whatever occasion it might be and the variety of selection they have, you are sure to find that perfect gift. The last gift I bought for my wife of 20 years was a beautiful silver necklace with a onyx pendent . 3 vertical circles starting big, medium then small with diamond chips on both sides. For me, it represented our 3 kids and the circle of life. Our daughter being the first- big circle and the boys-medium, small. When I first saw it, I got goose bumps. Perfect gift ! Funny, when I went to buy it, the girl behind the counter said, joking around, "what did you do" ? I said, "Its not what I did", but its about what I am going to do! Lol

Lawrence W.


 Greg made me the perfect engagement ring for my fiance'.  She will not stop talking about how perfect the ring is, literally.  Greg and the guys at the Doylestown Gold Exchange treated me the way I like to treat my patients.  They were affable, amicable, and very accommodating.  I will definitely be getting my wedding bands here and any future jewelry purchase!!!.

Simon O.


If you are in the market for any type of jewelry purchase, both small and large, I highly recommend you stop in or call Doylestown Gold Exchange. Make sure you ask for Greg because he treats every customer like family. His is extremely knowledgeable, fair and patient!! You will not be disappointed.

Christopher K.


Always stopping in when in the neighborhood, store stock is always turning over so its like a new experience every time. Very knowledgeable and fair on values of jewelry. Great atmosphere. My kids love stopping in too!

Bryon M.


Great staff very helpful and honest, would do business with them again, would recommend.

Eric R.


I'm a huge fan of Doylestown Gold Exchange. They have maintained many of my watches but most importantly they helped me with an engagement ring for my fiancé. Walked me through my options, pricing, and helped me get the "YES!". Thank you!

Philip R.


Hi Greg - Couldn't be happier on the ring you made. You totally nailed it and delivered exactly what I was looking for. - Thank you!

Suzanne M.


Thanks guys for always being fair with your prices on the the investment gold and silver you sell. Always know you treat me fair.

Ron R.


The ring design you did for me came out better than expected and the price was just as good. With the ring on her finger we proudly recommend you to all of our friends and family. We let them know Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers is the only place to go for all thier jewelry needs. Thank you again.

Brian M.


The gift was a hit. She loved it and was exactly what she was looking for. Thank you!

Jim H.


I took my necklace to two other gold buying stores and then walked in your store. I did not let them know I had been to other stores. Their first price was $425. I then put 2 cards from the other stores on the counter. The first store nearby offered $175 and the other $300. Thank you again for a great price, the first time.

Matt W.


Greg, Thank you so much for your help and honesty. I've already been raving about your business and integrity to people. I can't thank you enough for providing me with this memory. I hope we maintain a friendship and I request your presence at our reception. Another women I know who has done business with you also speaks very highly of you. Again, thank you so much.

Regards, Chris F.


Wow, you will give me $30, I am going to sell to you. I was in Morrisville yesterday and a guy at another store offered me $10. I work in recycling metal and will take a bunch of your cards to hand out to other people I know. This was a great price and by far the best service I have ever gotten in a gold store. Sorry it took me so long to find you guys, but I will be back and believe me I will tell everyone I know to come see you guys.

William H.


You guys have made me a lot of money as I clean out my mother's estate. You take the time to go through everything I bring in and I really appreciate all that you do. We are luck to have a business like you to look out for us. Otherwise, I would have no idea on what I had. I will always be a loyal customer.

Christine S.


Greg, thanks so much for your support for our upcoming event! This event is shaping up to be a big success so we appreciate your generosity.

Chris G.


Greg, thanks again for the help with the engagement ring. It was great and she loved it. We will be in soon for our wedding bands and will let everyone know that you guys buy more than gold!

Chris M.


I want to thank Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers for helping me get the ring I wanted at a price I could afford. I shopped at many other places and no one else compared to the price and service I received. Thank Greg and the guys at DGE for helping me with this big purchase. I will always refer you to people I know.

Mike S.


Thank you for taking the time to fix my daughters silver bracelet. It looks brand new and she was thrilled when I gave it back to her. It was sentimental and thank you again for the great work. I will refer everyone I meet to come and see you for all their jewelry needs.

Joanne R.


Thank you very much for the repair of my gold ring. The quality of the repair work is second to none and I am glad that I found out of all the services you offer.

Kathy L.


Greg - Thanks for the help with Juniors watch - you are the MAN!!!

Court E.


My mom just brought in some old gold to get some spending money for her upcoming trip. The staff were wonderful and she was shocked with how much money she left with! Great Job Doylestown Gold Exchange.

Joanne A.


When I go to the Doylestown store the the people are very, very friendly and you can tell that they are honest, you can trust them (1000%) and you think like they are real family to you. That is why if anyone is looking for some honest people you should go to the DOYLESTOWN GOLD EXCHANGE, and ask for Greg or anyone, they are all honest. I am very glad to find a store like that in Doylestown.........TRUST ME..............

Joe K.


Hey Greg, thanks a million for the help with the engagement ring! My fiance has been stopped no less than 20 times over the last 2 months with people asking to take a closer look and complimenting it, and that number is not embellished at all!! She's in heaven. For anyone else out there reading this, Greg took one of the more intimidating experiences of my life and turned it into an awesome experience.



Dear Greg, I want to thank you for the courtesy you extend to me in the repair of my jewelry. Thanks again and take care.

Fondly, N.F.


I went in to Doylestown Gold Exchange to cash in some gold. One of the items was a gold wedding band with 21 diamonds. I wanted to reuse them in another ring. I had an idea of what I wanted and Greg was able to use some of the stones to make me exactly what I was looking for. He had made a mold of it on a 3D printer so I could see exactly what it would look like beforehand. That was a great idea! The finished product is beautiful! Greg and his staff are very knowledgeable and very nice and NOT once were they pushy salespeople, that is a big plus. I have already recommended him to someone! I love my new ring... Thanks Greg!!

- Rosemarie O.


Hi Greg,
John proposed to me yesterday, finally! I could not be any more in love with my ring. Thank you (and your team) so much for making it the most gorgeous ring I have ever laid eyes on. Can't wait to stare at it every day for the rest of my life! Here's a photo of it, with John making a goofy face. :)
Thanks again!



Dear Greg, Thank you so much again for making such beautiful rings for our wedding a few weeks ago and for all your help and hard work over the last year. We really appreciate all you have done for us, we will definitely be visiting you in the future for our jewelry needs. I have enclosed a check for the balance owed on Bradley’s wedding band plus an extra $50 for giving me a little extra time to pay you. Thank you again. We wish you and your family a really nice holiday season and look forward to seeing you on our next visit to D.G.E.

Christine & Bradley


I met up with Greg and he is an awesome dealer. He was very professional with me, honest and knew what he was talking about. All in all, if I had to rate him on a 1-10, I would give him a 10. Thank you so much Sandra, for reaching out to me when you saw my ad asking if anyone was interested in the coins.

Bill H.


Great service, great people. Replaced a watch face for me in no time. Will be coming back.

Eric D.


Greg is very knowledgeable and totally a not "high pressure salesperson." I appreciate that. The allows plenty of time for those like me that take a while to make a choice/decision. Thanks!

Nancy S.


My engagement ring you designed is exquisite! I was completely blown away. You went above and beyond throughout this whole process. Thanks Greg and everyone at Doylestown Gold Exchange.

Kristin J.


The people there are extremely helpful. Everyone was pleasant. Greg was very knowledgeable and exceedingly fair. I would go there again for sure.

Raquel R.


Great staff, very helpful and honest. Would do business with them again. Would recommend. 

Eric R.


Greg, thanks so much for your support for our upcoming event! This event is shaping up to be a big success so we appreciate your generosity.

Chris G.