The Symbolism Behind Engagement Rings

diamond engagement rings in Bucks County

Even if you’ve never been engaged or married, you’re probably still familiar with the symbolism associated with engagement rings

Along with indicating that the person wearing the ring will soon be married, engagement rings also symbolize the love a couple shares, and the promise they’ve made to each other to stay joined together forever as one unit.

The history of the engagement ring, however, tells us even more about the rather fascinating symbolism associated with this piece of jewelry.  In some cases, the symbolism extends to the ring’s shape, and even its design.

If you’ve been looking at diamond engagement rings in Bucks County, we hope this article will help you begin to see them and understand them in an entirely new light.

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Coin Cleaning Tips from Doylestown Gold Exchange

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If you’re looking to sell coins in Bucks County, you might think “I should clean them first.”

This would be unwise.

We can see what would drive people to do this. After all, if you owned, say, a vintage 1969 Mustang, you’d want to make sure it was polished before taking it to a car show.

So why is cleaning coins a bad idea? Because an improper cleaning can damage the coin’s surface and lower its value.

If you’ve inherited a coin, or find an old coin somewhere, do not clean it. And never attempt to clean the natural oxidation – such as tarnish on silver — that forms naturally on coins. Your coins will be worth more with this untouched, and removing it can damage the coin’s surface.

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