We Can Turn Your Old Pieces into Unique Custom Jewelry

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This is a story about a customer named Alex.

Alex had an idea for a unique piece of custom jewelry. She brought us something special: a pair of wedding bands from her parents.

At first, she thought we might be able to melt the two rings down to create one piece of jewelry, but the more we talked with Alex, the more we realized how special the rings were.

We suggested we work with the rings as they were to preserve as much of the original look as possible. The rings were two different sizes and both had an engraving on the inside, which added to their sentimental value.

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How to Pull Off a Great Proposal

Bucks county custom diamond engagement ring

In 2009, Maryland state delegate Jon S. Cardin decided to propose to his girlfriend.

But rather than get down on one knee at a restaurant, Cardin, who represents Baltimore County, decided for something a little more…elaborate.

As the couple took a boat ride through Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, a police helicopter conducted a “raid,” going as far as to pretend to arrest Cardin’s intended, just before he popped the question.

Megan Homer, Cardin’s girlfriend, was apparently charmed enough to say yes. City officials took a much less romantic view, the Baltimore Sun reported.

“Definitely there was some poor judgment exercised by some officers,” police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the paper the week after the proposal. “The Police Department is not in the business of renting out the helicopter and the boats for bachelor parties and birthdays. We’re in the business of upholding public safety in Baltimore.”

There are plenty of good ways to ask someone to marry you without inviting police scrutiny. As a provider of fine Bucks County custom diamond engagement rings, it’s in our best interest to steer you toward an ideal marriage proposal. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

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