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The Symbolism Behind Engagement Rings

diamond engagement rings in Bucks County

Even if you’ve never been engaged or married, you’re probably still familiar with the symbolism associated with engagement rings

Along with indicating that the person wearing the ring will soon be married, engagement rings also symbolize the love a couple shares, and the promise they’ve made to each other to stay joined together forever as one unit.

The history of the engagement ring, however, tells us even more about the rather fascinating symbolism associated with this piece of jewelry.  In some cases, the symbolism extends to the ring’s shape, and even its design.

If you’ve been looking at diamond engagement rings in Bucks County, we hope this article will help you begin to see them and understand them in an entirely new light.

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Coin Cleaning Tips from Doylestown Gold Exchange

We Buy Coin Collections

If you’re looking to sell coins in Bucks County, you might think “I should clean them first.”

This would be unwise.

We can see what would drive people to do this. After all, if you owned, say, a vintage 1969 Mustang, you’d want to make sure it was polished before taking it to a car show.

So why is cleaning coins a bad idea? Because an improper cleaning can damage the coin’s surface and lower its value.

If you’ve inherited a coin, or find an old coin somewhere, do not clean it. And never attempt to clean the natural oxidation – such as tarnish on silver — that forms naturally on coins. Your coins will be worth more with this untouched, and removing it can damage the coin’s surface.

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Understanding the Differences Between Fine, Semi-Fine & Fashion Jewelry

Fine Jewelry in Bucks County

Are you looking to buy jewelry in Doylestown? You may want to first study the differences between three different jewelry categories: fine, semi-fine and fashion.

The line between them is thin, but understanding the distinction can help you make the right selection.

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What is Colored Gold Jewelry?

White Gold & Rose Gold Jewelry

The old proverb tells us that “all that glitters isn’t gold,” but sometimes gold itself isn’t gold in color.

This precious metal comes in a multitude of distinct colors, and it’s worth knowing more about them if you’re interested in buying or selling gold.

What color is your gold?

Cold is available in a range of colors, from the classic yellow to bolder shades like purple. Some pieces of jewelry may include multiple gold colors to create a two-tone or three-tone effect. If you’re interested in a piece of jewelry that contains some specific colors, read on to learn more about them.

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Why Should I Have My Jewelry Appraised?

Jewelry Appraisal in Doylestown PA

Just like antique furniture or a rare coin collection, fine jewelry may be one of the very few items you own that should be appraised by a professional.

Indeed, there are many reasons you should seriously consider having your fine bracelets, brooches, and earrings inspected by an expert.

Let’s look at the reasons why jewelry appraisal in Bucks County—or anywhere else, for that matter—is such a crucial aspect of owning fine jewelry.

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Tips for Selling Silver Flatware

Selling Silver Flatware in Bucks County

The act of passing down a set of fine China or a collection of antique silver flatware from a one generation to the next is a time-honored tradition in our culture.

In fact, maybe you’ve been the recipient yourself of your grandparents’ treasured assortment of silver utensils and other flatware.

The reality, of course, is that owning a set of high-quality tableware doesn’t quite make the same statement today that it once did. Especially when you consider that silver flatware needs to be painstakingly polished after every use and properly stored, selling silver for a sizable chunk of cash starts to seem a lot more attractive and sensible than stashing it away in a drawer for years to come.

But make no mistake: There are right and wrong ways when it comes to selling silver.

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Identifying Markings on Your Gold & Silver Jewelry

Wedding ringsThe markings you see on gold and silver jewelry were typically put there for the same reason: to let buyers know about the purity of the metal.

But different types of metals can carry different markings. If you’re looking to sell gold jewelry in Bucks County, you may want to study this guide to identifying these marks.


Silver is a soft metal, which makes it good for intricate designs, although not very durable. That’s why jewelry makers often mix silver with other metals, such as copper, to give it more strength. The purest type of silver used in making silver jewelry is known as sterling silver.

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How to Identify Antique, Vintage and Estate Jewelry

Collection of Vintage, Antique & Estate Jewelry

If you own jewelry that you’re interested in selling or perhaps having appraised, it’s natural to wonder about the honesty of the jewelry dealers who agree to look at your pieces and make you a cash offer.

Whether you have antique, vintage, retro, or estate jewelry in Bucks County that you’d like to turn into money, the truth is that understanding what you have and what it may be worth can be a very tricky business.

Thankfully, there are several ways you can identity what sort of jewelry you own, and if you’re willing to put in the necessary time and effort, you may also be able to discover roughly what your piece might be worth in the marketplace.

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Why You Shouldn’t Wear Jewelry to the Beach

Ring Lost at the Jersey Shore

The idea of a priceless piece of diamond jewelry sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic might have seemed romantic in the movie Titanic. In real life, no one wants to lose their rings or bracelets to the sea. That’s why it’s a smart idea to use caution when taking your diamond jewelry to the beach.

Here are five questions to ask yourself before you head to the shore this summer:

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6 Reasons Why Your Watch Stopped Working

Watch Repair in Bucks County

If your watch slows down or stops working completely, don’t panic.

This is certainly a stressful event, yet it might be possible for the Bucks County watch repair experts at Doylestown Gold Exchange to get your timepiece back in working order. Do not make any assumptions about why your watch stopped working. There are all sorts of factors that have the potential to alter the performance of a watch.

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