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Selling Silver Coins – What You Should Know

We Buy Coin CollectionsYou recently inherited a coin collection or have been collecting silver coins for some time. You have decided to liquidate all or part of the collection, but you are not sure where to go to get the best return. There are several options to consider when selling silver coins: how much you receive in return can vary significantly.

Before you sell your silver coin collection, you should try to get a clear understanding of its present value.
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Should I Invest in Gold or Silver?

Gold and silver have been relatively solid investments for centuries. But like any investment, it pays to go in with a clear picture of what you’re getting into before you buy and sell gold or silver.

We’ve been buying and selling gold for more than two decades now and get all sorts of questions about precious metal investment. Among the most common: Is gold a better investment than silver?

Finding an answer to that question depends on weighing a few different factors:

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