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If You Don’t Wear It, Sell It!

Americans love their jewelry. You can tell because the average American consumer spent $136.33 on jewelry in 2021, second only to China. And that’s not even considering that 42% of American inherited family heirlooms older than 50 years. As new and more fashionable designer jewelry becomes available, you may no longer have much use for your older, more expensive pieces. In this case, your best option is to sell it!

What’s the point of holding on to unused items? If you have a jumble of unused jewelry, gold, or silver pieces collecting dust in a box, selling them seems like the most practical option. You could use that money toward something that you actually use. Here is a look at why you need to sell unused items, tips to help you sell, and where you can sell jewelry.

Why sell it? All the gold, silver, or jewelry you don’t use can become profitable

Question is, why not? If you don’t wear it, sell it! That seems sound advice, as you won’t miss the pieces anyway. Moreover, you might use the proceeds to do something meaningful, such as supplementing your income or fund a special purchase.

Some options for selling jewelry include pawn shops, traditional jewelry stores, the virtual marketplace, and of course Doylestown Gold Exchange. You might make several hundred dollars or more based on the item’s make, model, and market value.

Statista reports that around 35% to 45% of Americans have valuable jewelry, merely sitting around doing nothing. What is the use in keeping that broken necklace, old bracelet, or other jewelry you never wear?

The value of these expensive items may diminish when you ignore them and leave them to gather dust. Get some money for your jewelry instead of letting it sit around unused. You can utilize the cash from selling your items to pay off debt, vacation, or buy new jewelry that catches your eye.

What unused items can you sell?

Tips for selling your unwanted items

1. Know the value

Don’t rush to sell until you have a clear idea of the value and authenticity of your item to avoid getting low offers. You can hire an independent third-party appraiser to help you determine the wholesale value of your item if you believe it to be valuable.

2. Set realistic values

It would help if you remembered that the buyer would also have to turn a profit after selling the jewelry or any other unwanted item. Demanding the full price for a piece is off-putting to potential  buyers, so you won’t find many takers, if any.

3. Where to sell

If you want a great bargain on jewelry or any other valuable item, an excellent place to start would be your neighborhood pawn shops. Since they have dealt with similar situations before, jewelers in your area can accurately assess your jewelry instantly and offer to buy it.

Sell your unwanted items with Doylestown Gold Exchange

We at Doylestown Gold Exchange live by this clarion call “if you don’t wear it, sell it!” Shed unnecessary items you don’t need and watch your bank account grow.

Further, we provide complimentary appraisals so you know what the item is worth before you offer it for sale. You are under no pressure to sell, and we promise to give you the most reasonable offer on your item.

We understand that the only way to succeed is to be fair to our customers, which explains why this family business has successfully dealt with precious metals for the past 20 years.

Contact us or book an appointment to appraise your jewelry and receive a fair offer on the pieces you no longer use.

Gold Coins: Should You Be Collecting or Investing?

Investing in gold coins and collecting coins are both valuable ventures. However, collectors tend to purchase valuable coins as a hobby due to their rarity, while investors invest in gold coins as a hedge against a dwindling economy. Either way, both collectors and investors have one thing in common: a strong appreciation for gold coins.

If anyone could pick a day for the explosive beginning of coin collecting in America, then May 25, 1857, would be a likely candidate. According to David Thomason Alexander, the author of “10 Great Moments That Shaped American Coin Collecting,” copper was used in the Flying Eagle cent as the base material for the penny. It was unpopular, but news that the large cent would soon be no more caused people to want to find and save the coin. Continue reading Gold Coins: Should You Be Collecting or Investing?

How to Sell Gold and Silver Coins for the Best Price

Collectible coins

Calling all coin collectors! What is the number one rule when you’re planning to sell coins in gold or silver? Make sure you get the best price for your unique collection, of course. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a savvy coin expert to maximize the return on your investment. All it takes to sufficiently pad your wallet is a healthy dose of industry insight from local experts who are in the know.

In this blog post, we’re sharing the following helpful insider secrets on how to sell gold and silver coins for the most money:

  • Check the current market value
  • Authenticate and appraise your coin collection
  • Follow storage and handling best practices
  • Choose a trustworthy dealer

If you want to sell coins, keep reading as we dive deeper into these hints for getting the most bang for the buck.

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Selling Silver Coins – What You Should Know

We Buy Coin CollectionsYou recently inherited a coin collection or have been collecting silver coins for some time. You have decided to liquidate all or part of the collection, but you are not sure where to go to get the best return. There are several options to consider when selling silver coins: how much you receive in return can vary significantly.

Before you sell your silver coin collection, you should try to get a clear understanding of its present value.
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7 Tips for Selling Your Coins

a stack of valuable coins

Sometimes a quarter is worth more than 25 cents.

Every so often, a rare coin might find its way into the change you get at the gas station or grocery store. And with the right strategy, you might be able to sell those coins for a fairly hefty sum.

In this blog post, we’ll share tips you can use to preserve and sell your coin collection.

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