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Your Old Coins Could Be Worth Big Bucks

Sell and Buy CoinsGold and silver prices have been on the rise lately, which makes it a good time for you to sell gold and silver coins.

As of this writing, an ounce of silver is selling for $15, while an ounce of gold is selling for $1,136.

Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers can look at your coins and make an offer on them that you won’t find elsewhere.

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Selling A Coin Collection? Read These Tips First!

selling a coin collection

Here’s a word to the wise: If you have a coin collection you’d like to sell, it’s always prudent to tread carefully. Because while the condition of you coins is certainly critical, so to is the quality of buyer you bring them to.

The majority of coin dealers, of course, are honest and reputable businessmen, although some will try to take advantage of naive sellers. So let’s take a look at some of the most important tips to keep in mind if you’re interested in selling a coin collection:

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Why We Buy Coins and Appraise Coin Collections

According to Greg Glemser, a graduate gemologist and one of the three co-owners of Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers, the customers who come into his shop with coin collections in tow almost always arrive with some variation of the same question: “What exactly do I have here?”

How Do You Know What Your Coin Collections Are Really Worth?

We buy coin collections in DoylestownThat’s a perfectly logical question to ask, and if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of an old and potentially valuable coin collection yourself, you’ll probably understand why.

Part of the answer, of course, is that most of us simply don’t know a whole lot about the value of coins. (Seriously: How many hardcore coin collectors do you know?)

The rest of the answer has to do with the way in which coin collections tend to appear in people’s lives.

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Three Tips for Buying and Selling Coins

Three Tips for Buying & Selling Coins“Reality” television programs have been wildly successful for decades, with none more popular than The History Channel’s Pawn Stars. The series, which is the network’s highest rated show, is filmed on location at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show depicts the staff’s interactions with customers who bring in a variety of artifacts (including coins) to sell or pawn, and are shown discussing its historical background and negotiating the price.

When the buyer is unable to evaluate an object the staff summons a knowledgeable local expert (who just happens to be conveniently available) to evaluate the item to determine its authenticity and potential value.

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Doylestown Gold Exchange Offers Free Appraisals

Bring in your item, even if you’re unsure if you want to sell

Doylestown Gold Exchange Offers Free AppraisalsWhen it comes to selling gold for cash, there are as many reasons why people decide to sell your old and broken jewelry as there are people. It might be to help ends meet, to help fund an once-in-a-lifetime trip, or simply an effort to pair-down and live more simply.

Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that gold is one of the costliest metals on Earth, and one of the oldest measures of wealth. It has been used for various purposes but most notably it has been used as a currency. Although most people think of gold only for making jewelry products, its value as an asset is strong, and now might be the perfect time for you to sell your gold for cash.

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We Buy and Sell Old Coins

Cash for GoldNumismatics — the collection of currency, including coins, tokens or paper money — has grown dramatically in popularity due the increasing price of gold and silver. Coin collecting has become a popular and profitable hobby that has fascinated people around the world. In fact, coin collecting has existed since ancient times. In 1514, French scholar Guillaume Budé collected coins during the Early Renaissance from European royalty and nobility. He created the first ever book of coins.

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Budget a little strained? Invest in Gold and Silver, the only way to preserve your wealth!!

As we see an ever changing world, the one thing all people see today is that the dollar in their pocket buys less and less each day.  Doesn’t matter if you make $30,000 a year or $200,000, we all try to live within a budget from what we earn, and each one of us are feeling the pressure or our ever devaluing dollar.  

One of the easiest and most relevant examples used to demonstrate preservation of purchasing power is thePre 1965 US silver quarter.  All quarters (dimes and half dollars too) minted before 1965 are composed of 90% silver.  Back when they were circulated, that quarter was worth 25 cents due to its content and not what was stamped on it.  Today’s coins are the opposite.  They are worth their face value based on the proclaimed value.  In reality, their melt value is a fraction of what they are assumed to be worth and exchanged for.  Here’s the comparison:

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