We Have the Brand Names!

Jewelry Buyers Do you love the idea of wearing a beautiful Tiffany’s sterling silver necklace but hate the idea of paying retail price? If you answered yes then you must come by and check out what Doylestown Gold Exchange and Jewelers has to offer! We stock several name brands at discounted prices. Some of the popular brands we carry include Tiffany and Co., David Yurman, Pandora, Tacori, Judith Ripka, John Hardy and much more.

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Investing in Gold vs. Silver – Pros & Cons of Both

Cash for Gold One of the most common questions new precious metal investors at the Doylestown Gold Exchange ask is “which is better, gold or silver?” .There are a lot of facts and opinions floating around out there about the two, but your specific direction should be determined by your intentions and means.

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Best Gold Buyers in Bucks & Montgomery Counties!Testimonials from our customers.

When we opened Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers, our main objective as a family owned and operated business, was to offer customer service and pricing second to none.

Cash for Gold- Bucks County
Our Doylestown Location

As we head towards our second year in business,  we feel that we are on the right track with the testimonials we have had from our customers. We thank all of our customers for there support, courtesy, and loyalty.

We began as gold and silver buyers, but since that time we have expanded our services to become a one of a kind store in the the tri-state area.  We are the largest buyer of gold, silver, diamonds, and coins in Bucks County, as we offer pricing and service that other stores can’t.  With a Graduate Gemologist in the family, we are able to offer all the services of a retail jeweler.  We do expert jewelry repair, expert watch repair, watch batteries for $5, and we also sell fine jewelry both new and used.

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Not your typical Gold Buyer in Bucks County!

When most people think of gold buyers, they think of a small dirty store with no atmosphere or personality. They imagine walking into and having to deal with a miserable individual behind glass who is just interested in trying to rip you off! Things are different here at Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers. When you walk in you’ll notice how beautiful and clean our store is. We have a coffee station, a sitting table with the day’s news paper and a coloring area for your children. Our cases will be packed with high quality merchandise and the walls are covered with local artwork. You’ll always be greeted with a warm hello and feel good from the moment you walk in! It is very important to us that you feel welcomed, and have an excellent buying or selling experience.

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What is the Real Price of Gold?

Well the answer is….it depends! Today’s market has many factors that affect the popular gold products available to modern investors. Many people are confused these days and as a result, apprehensive about diverging their investment portfolio with gold. Let’s quickly run through the three main ways you can invest.

First, you have the easiest and most straight forward way. Come down to Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers, buy some gold coins or ingots, and take them home.  Simple enough. This is the most common option for the small investor. It is private, secure, and convenient.  We give full consultations to anyone who is interested in starting to purchase physical gold and silver.

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How do I begin to buy a diamond engagement ring? Who do I trust?

As we get older and enter into relationships, sometimes one of those relationships get to the next level where we may start to consider buying a diamond engagement ring to give to the person we want to spend the rest of our life with.  As with any big decision we all have to make, the most important part is to educate ourselves so that we  are comfortable and confident in the item we buy, and the person we buy it from. That is where I come in.

Custom Diamond Ring by DGE&J

My name is Greg Glemser and I am co-owner of Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers with three other family members.  I am a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America and have been selling diamond rings for over 15 years and pride myself on educating and making my customers know that in the end they got a great product, service, and price and they will never have to second guess their decision to by from our store.

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One stop shop for gold, silver, jewelry, diamonds, and now photography from a local artist?

As Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers continues to grow and have more services for our customers, we are proud to be showing the photography of Local artist Jamie Tyksinski.  Jamie was born and raised in the Doylestown area and now his unique twist on the local sites of Doylestown are available for purchase at our store and his website Buckscountyimages.com.

Doylestown Gold Exchange has been buying and selling gold and silver and now with the move to our new location we offer expert jewelry repair, $5 watch batteries, sell
fine jewelry and also do engagement rings.  With the move to our new store, we wanted to add something that would separate us from other gold and jewelry stores.  A great way in our mind was to highlight a local artist who captured the feel of the great town we live in.

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Gold & Silver on Their Way Back! Still a Good Time to Sell!

As the global recession hits many people hard these days, the best way to raise some extra cash is to sell gold, silver, diamonds, and coins to help cover all the expenses we all see everyday.  As a family owned and operated business, Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers wants to pay the highest price for your unwanted precious metals and give you the peace of mind you went to the right place.  It doesn’t matter if you make $20,000 a year or $200,000, everyone feels the pinch when they go to the super market or the gas pump. The dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to and instead of 4 bags of groceries for $100, now it is one, maybe two!  Instead of filling up once every couple weeks, now it is twice in one week.



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Selling Your Gold & Silver to Doylestown Gold Exchange

Over the past 2 years, Doylestown Gold Exchange has become the trusted gold and silver buyer in the Doylestown area. With a Graduate Gemologist and over 20 years of buying and selling precious metals between the partners of the family owned business, they are the only place in town to trust to sell your precious metals.

With gold and silver still at very high levels, it is still a great time to sell your unwanted jewelry and turn in into cash that you can use today.

Doylestown Location in Cross Keys

It is a very easy process and we can walk you through every step and show you how we come up with the value we offer. We also buy and sell coins and will always offer a free appraisal to see if it is time to sell them as well.  When you walk into our store right away you will notice the difference from any other jewelry store or gold buying store you have been in.  We want to make this an experience you will never forget and will come back for other services such as a $5 watch battery or jewelry repair.

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Mother’s Day is a Day to Say Thank You!

In this busy world we live in, it is very important that we take the time to say thank you to that special someone in your life. That special someone is Mom. Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelry would like to wish every mother a Happy Mother’s Day and hope they enjoy with family and friends.

Please take the time and stop in our store or contact us to see what special gift we may have for your mom or the mother of your children. We have a wide selection of new and refinished jewelry at prices that can’t be beat.

Some of our most popular items are diamond rings, pendants and earrings.  We also have a wide selection of silver jewelry that we are sure she will love.  Doylestown Gold Exchange has a wide selection of refinished name brand jewelry like Pandora and Tiffany 50% off of retail price.

If you are looking for some extra cash to buy something we always pay the highest for gold and silver you may be looking to sell.  We will take the time to appraise your items and offer top dollar for the items you wish to sell.  We are a family owned and operated business and offer many services.  We do custom jewelry, diamond engagement rings, jewelry repair and $5 watch batteries.

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