A Quick Guide to Diamond Cuts

wholesale diamond cuts on displayThe world of diamonds is governed by “the four Cs.”

There’s color, which actually refers to the lack of color a stone has. One with no color is considered top quality, while a “brown” or “yellow” diamond is a lower standard diamond.

There’s carat, which is the weight of the diamond, and clarity, which refers to the presence or absence of inclusions – or flaws – in the stone.

And finally there’s cut, or the craftsmanship of a diamond: how the facets cooperate with light, the diamond’s overall finish and its proportions and symmetry.

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Tips for Choosing a Men’s Wedding Band

gold rings men's wedding bandsBack in your father’s day, the idea of spending a significant amount of time choosing a wedding band barely existed. Unlike the women’s engagement ring and wedding band industry, which has seemingly always been overflowing with a wealth of choices, men’s wedding bands have historically been fairly simple affairs: white gold, yellow gold, or silver. Maybe a simple pattern. And for the especially flashy, perhaps a small diamond or two.

But times have most certainly changed. While men still might not have as many wedding band choices as women, the possibilities today are more plentiful than they were even 20 years ago. There are both precious metals and alternative metals to choose from, not to mention the various designs and levels of quality that each metal offers.

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Why You Should Consider Precious Metal Investments

silver and gold investment PADoylestown Gold Exchange owner Greg Glemser can remember a time when investing in precious metals just wasn’t something people did.

“You used to seem a little crazy to put your money into silver or gold,” he says.

Now, it’s a way to diversify your portfolio, and one of the key pieces of Doylestown Gold Exchange’s business.

And these days, more and more people are looking to invest in gold and silver. The price of both metals has gone up significantly in recent weeks. Gold has gone from $1000 an ounce to more than $1200 an ounce, while silver’s price has jumped from $13 an ounce to $17 an ounce.

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Jewelry & Watch Repair: What to Look For

watch repair in PAReputation matters. When you look for someone to fix your car, put a new roof on your house or represent you in court, you’d base your decision on whether that person had a reputation for providing trustworthy, quality service.

The same thinking applies when choosing someone to handle your jewelry & watch repair in PA.

Here are six reasons why Doylestown Gold Exchange is that store:

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Doylestown Gold Exchange Featured on JCK Magazine Online

JCK Online: Cash for gold DoylestownJCK is the industry publication for the jewelry business, so finding yourself being interviewed by them is no small thing.

That’s why we’re proud to share the news that Doylestown Gold Exchange co-owner Greg Glemser was featured on the JCK website recently.

In the interview, Greg talks about advertising the business, money saving initiatives, and tells the story of his most memorable sale. Click here to read the entire piece.

What to Expect From a Precious Metal Investment Consultation


precious metal investment consultation
Photo by Rick Kintzel

When people come to buy gold at the Doylestown Gold Exchange, owner Greg Glemser offers them a history lesson.

Until 1964, quarters had silver in them. Fifty years ago, a quarter would have been worth, well, a quarter of a paper dollar.

But because of the silver in the coins, quarters from that era have grown in value. A dollar will buy you half a gallon of gas these days. The money from a silver quarter will fetch you nearly twice that amount.

Still, Glemser cautions people who visit him for a precious metal investment consultation that they shouldn’t buy gold or silver with the expectation that they’ll make money.

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Selling Gold Jewelry as the Market Rises

cash for gold jewelry Bucks County PA

The price of gold has been on the upswing recently.  The markets put it at $1,259 per ounce as we were posting.

Seeing these prices might make you want to rush out and sell your gold jewelry, but like any business transaction, this is one that requires some thought and research.

If you’re interesting in getting cash for gold in Bucks County, here are a few steps you should take before you sell.

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The Difference Between Vintage, Estate & Antique Jewelry

sell estate jewelry Bucks County PAWhen it comes to jewelry, you may have heard terms such as vintage, antique or estate used to describe a piece.

Often these terms are used incorrectly, which makes things confusing when trying to classify jewelry. The most significant way to differentiate these three terms is by knowing the age of the piece and identifying if its had a previous owner.

Let’s review the differences between vintage, antique and estate jewelry.

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Valentines Day is Coming, Buy Bucks County Jewelry

engagement rings Bucks County PAOur name is Doylestown Gold Exchange, but we do more than just buy and sell gold.

We’re also your source for new and estate jewelry, which is especially important around this time of year. That’s because Valentine’s Day is approaching, one of the biggest jewelry buying holidays on the calendar

Americans spend $18 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day, and nearly $5 billion of that spending is on jewelry, according to the International Business Times.

A few million people will get engaged this Feb. 14, if statistics from past years (4 million in 2012, 6 million in 2013) are any indication.

So today on the blog, as we remind readers of Valentine’s approach, we’re going to take a look at the history of the holiday, jewelry, engagements, and the way they all intersect.

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Need a Last Minute Gift? Give Jewelry For Christmas

Christmas jewelry in Bucks County PAChristmas is just a few days away, and many of you are probably looking for last minute gifts.

Your first instinct might be to head to the mall, but we’d like to offer you an alternative to fighting through hordes of other shoppers: Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers.

Here are six reasons to visit Doylestown Gold Exchange to find your last minute holiday gift.

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