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Fall Jewelry: Colors and styles you will want to wear

The ready-to-wear trend cycle is a tricky beast, but jewelry is entirely different. Beauty accessories are more personal, intimate, and less likely to oscillate from one fashion trend to the next. So, it’s a delicate balance for jewelry brands to parse out future accessorization without losing sight of the current trends. When it comes to seasonal jewelry trends, many designers operate from within to choose what’s next.

We are likely to see chunkier jewelry formats evolving beyond the chain-link necklace this fall season. For example, the statement earring à la Schiaparelli is quickly gaining popularity, signaling a future filled with flora and fauna. After all, who doesn’t adore the joy animals and flowers bring? Overall, here are the top jewelry trends to keep tabs on this fall: Continue reading Fall Jewelry: Colors and styles you will want to wear

The Colors of Summer: Best jewelry for the season

The summer season comes with a lot of pressure, as we try to match the brightness of the days and the warmness of the nights with our own sparkle and heat. One of the best ways to show off our summer sensibilities is through our outfits. There’s no better way to put yourself ahead of the competition than to have some stunning jewelry pieces to accompany your summer season outlays.

That’s where Doylestown Gold Exchange comes in. We’ve got the widest selection of top-quality gemstones and jewelry designs you could ever wish for, and you won’t find better prices anywhere. Just to give you an idea of your options, here’s a quick rundown of the most eye-catching summer gemstone selections available.

Let’s get right into it. Continue reading The Colors of Summer: Best jewelry for the season

Featured Jewelers: Handmade Unique Jewelry at Doylestown Gold Exchange

Handmade jewelry carries its own uniqueness. The passion and heart that go into working on one piece are visibly highlighted in the magnificence of the completed piece. If you want to fall in love with jewelry, try our featured jeweler’s art pieces.

You will find diverse yet classic pieces; edgy and comfortable, elegant and colorful. You can get a showstopper statement or a minimalist piece from our selection. Continue reading Featured Jewelers: Handmade Unique Jewelry at Doylestown Gold Exchange

Should I Get Jewelry Insurance?

If you’ve ever felt that heart-stopping moment when you reach for your wedding ring, earring, watch, or another precious piece only to find that it’s missing from its usual spot, you’ve likely considered getting a jewelry insurance policy. Jewelry insurance is available to anyone, and a good plan will cover the full value of your jewelry in cases of damage, loss, theft, or mysterious disappearance.

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How Can I Tell If My Jewelry is Valuable?

man examining jewelry

The aphorism “All that glitters is not gold” has been with us for centuries.

The exact phrase comes from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, but people have been using some form of the saying since at least the 12th century.

However you say it, it basically means “Some things in life are too good to be true.”

While we are not the Merchant of Venice but as Bucks County jewelers – we take the saying literally. A lot of what seems like valuable gold jewelry is really an imitation, just as seemingly simple pieces are sometimes quite valuable.

Maybe you’ve come across a piece of jewelry that you’re not sure about, something you inherited from a distant relative or picked up at a garage sale. There are a few things you can do to determine whether what you’ve found has any value.

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Tips for Choosing a Men’s Wedding Band

gold rings men's wedding bandsBack in your father’s day, the idea of spending a significant amount of time choosing a wedding band barely existed. Unlike the women’s engagement ring and wedding band industry, which has seemingly always been overflowing with a wealth of choices, men’s wedding bands have historically been fairly simple affairs: white gold, yellow gold, or silver. Maybe a simple pattern. And for the especially flashy, perhaps a small diamond or two.

But times have most certainly changed. While men still might not have as many wedding band choices as women, the possibilities today are more plentiful than they were even 20 years ago. There are both precious metals and alternative metals to choose from, not to mention the various designs and levels of quality that each metal offers.

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