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buy & sell coins in Bucks County PACan you believe that a quarter from 1964 is worth $3?

Can you believe that a dime from 1964 can be worth $1?

Can you believe one ounce of silver could be $20?

It is hard to believe how the price of gold and silver has risen over the last decade. Everyone sees how they can scrap their jewelry for many times what they paid, but not many people know that the same thing has happened for selling coins.

Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers is able to evaluate all coins and make an offer that is hard to beat. We buy American, Mexican, and Canadian currency and will also look at foreign coins to see if there is some value. Once we determine the content of the coins, we can make an offer at that day's metal price. Learn more about what we buy!

sell silver coins Doylestown PA

Do you have some coins and don't know the value? Found an old bag of coins cleaning out the basement? Have a collection you invested in and are ready to sell? Please give us a call, or bring them in and see what we can offer you today!

We take a variety of coins, such as:

  • American Currency
  • Canadian Currency
  • Gold and silver Bullion
  • Mexican Currency

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