We Buy Gold & Silver Coins

We buy gold, silver, platinum, and foreign coins!

We buy gold and silver coins

People end up with gold and silver coins for a variety of reasons, whether they’ve purchased them as an investment, or come into them unexpectedly as part of an inheritance.

If you’re looking to sell these coins, turn to Doylestown Gold Exchange.

We are one of the largest buyers of coins in Bucks County and the greater Philadelphia area, buying gold, silver, platinum and other bullion coins at fair market price. Learn more about what we buy!

If you have questions like “How much is silver worth?” or “How much are silver dollars worth?” our experts can answer these and other questions. We’ll also evaluate your coins or coin collection at no cost to you before making you an offer.

Buying coins is like buying stock. There is a small buy-sell spread, and that’s where we make our money. There are also coins that might be rarer and thus more valuable. If this happens, we will let you know and our offer will reflect that.

Most buyers today are looking at the gold, silver or platinum value of the coin and we will carefully explain to you how we are valuing your coin and the state of current market conditions.

We’re always doing appraisals and – again – will not charge you for this service. Please feel free to call, stop in or make an appointment for us to evaluate your coins.

How much is silver worth?

The price of silver fluctuates from day to day. On our home page, you’ll find our precious metal spot price tracker, which tells you how much gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are worth on a given day.

How much are silver dollars worth?

The value of a silver dollar can be determined by multiplying its silver content by the current price for silver. However, if you’ve come across a very rare coin, it will fetch a higher price.

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