Buy and Sell Silver Jewelry

Buy and Sell Silver JewelryWith the price of silver on the rise, you may be in possession of some hidden gems that you can sell to earn some quick cash in the Bucks County area. Even though silver is worth less than gold, it is still worth selling your old unwanted jewelry for quick cash.

Sterling silver jewelry is 92.5% silver, which means that if you don’t wear it, you can sell it. Bring any silver item into the Doylestown Gold Exchange and we will evaluate your item in front of you and make a fair market offer. If you are not sure what the metal is, no problem. Bring in the item anytime and we will test it for free to let you know the metal content and value.

Ready to sell your unwanted silver jewelry? Stop by Doylestown Gold Exchange anytime for a free evaluation of your item, or contact us today!