Coin Appraisals

Doylestown Gold Exchange & Jewelers is proud to offer jewelry and coin appraisal services to our customers. My name is Greg Glesmer and I am one of the owners of this family owned and operated business. I am a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America and I am able to do appraisals that fit your needs, for your situation whether you're looking for cash for gold or you want to sell unused valuables. We offer many different services, so please stop in or give me a call to see what we can do for you.

In our store we always offer free jewelry and coin appraisal services if you are just looking for an approximate value of an item you have, one you inherited, or something you are looking to sell. We do this daily. If you have something you are not sure of, please call me or stop in so we can take a look at the item and give you some general information and it's value at todays market price. We work with our customers to ensure that they receive the most value of their cash for gold.

We also are able to appraise any type of coin or coin collection you may have. We will take the time to go through the items and give you a value for the coins and also make you an offer on what we would pay at that days market price. It if is a rare coin and we are not sure, we will contact other people we know in the business to come in and help us find the correct value for your item. 

Another appraisal people need today is for insurance replacement cost. This is so if the item is lost, stolen, or damaged the item will be replaced correctly. It this is the type of appraisal you are looking for, please call me or stop in and I can go through the items and discuss the pricing structure for the work I will need to do. If you have paperwork on the items that always helps, and will also help reduce the price when writing the appraisal. If you have items scheduled on your insurance policy, you should have them updated every 5 years. So if you need an update or a new appraisal, please stop in or call me so we can take care of this for you.

Thank you,

Greg and Kyle
Family owners of DGE