Jewelry Appraisals


We are an experienced and trustworthy family-run business specializing in jewelry appraisals and sales. Our jewelry appraisal services assign value to your pieces based on its setting, material, stones, rarity, condition, and other factors. With our Graduate Gemologist Greg Glemser at the helm, we proudly serve local customers in Doylestown, PA, and throughout Bucks County. So, whether you have new jewelry or precious estate jewelry, count on us to deliver fast and accurate appraisals for your valuable pieces.


Do You Need a Jewelry Appraisal?

There are three primary reasons to consider our jewelry appraisal services: 

  1. Selling JewelryJewelry insurance – If you’re securing a jewelry insurance policy, most insurers require a jewelry appraisal before initiating coverage because your annual premiums often hinge on the value of your piece.

  2. Proof of ownership – A jewelry appraisal is also helpful for proving ownership of your valuable pieces if they’re stolen or recovered by the police.

  3. Jewelry resale – If you’re considering selling your jewelry, an up-to-date jewelry appraisal records the current value of your piece so that you can get a fair price.


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Types of Jewelry Appraisals

We offer the following types of jewelry appraisals: 

  • Diamond Emerald NecklaceInsurance replacement value 
    A replacement value jewelry appraisal details the cost of replacing your jewelry with a similar style and quality piece, also known as the current market price.

  • Comparable insurance replacement value 
    Like a replacement value appraisal, a comparable replacement appraisal also provides the cost to replace your pieces. The difference is that this type is used for items no longer available, such as estate jewelry and antiques. 

  • Fair market value 
    A fair market value appraisal estimates the selling price if you were to sell your jewelry in its current condition. This type of jewelry appraisal is often reserved for estate settlement, tax liability, and other legal matters.

Are you simply looking for an approximate value of your piece? We can help. Stop in today for a no-cost estimate.


Types of Jewelry We Appraise

We appraise many types of precious jewelry, including: 

What’s Included in a Jewelry Appraisal

Most of our professional jewelry appraisals include: 

  • Diamond Ring BraceletA detailed description of the piece
  • Type of metal 
  • Primary stone information
  • Side stone information
  • Value of the piece

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 Jewelry Appraisal Costs

Gold EarringsWe make jewelry appraisals convenient and affordable, many times at no cost.

  • If you purchased your jewelry from us
     – We provide expert jewelry appraisals at no charge for all pieces purchased at our store.

  • If you didn’t purchase your jewelry from us – Our jewelry appraisals start at just $75 for the first piece. The price may vary based on the jewelry’s complexity and availability of previous paperwork. We also offer discounts for multiple pieces, such as estate jewelry collections.



5 Reasons to Choose Our Jewelry Appraisal Services

Discover the many benefits of working with our local family-owned business: 

  1. Dismond TesterExpertise
    Our owner Greg Glemser is a graduate gemologist from the Gemology Institute of America (GIA) and brings a superior level of expertise. He’s assembled a seasoned team of expert jewelers to provide exceptional skill and insight for all your jewelry appraisal needs.

  2. Trustworthy
    We’ve built a solid reputation based on trust and honesty for over two decades. We pride ourselves on our openness and transparency, proving that your satisfaction and our integrity matter more than anything else. 

  3. Affordable
    When you purchase your jewelry from us, we’ll provide an appraisal for free. If you don’t, you can count on us for low-cost appraisal fees, with volume discounts available for multiple pieces.

  4. Fast
    We provide quick, same-day turnaround jewelry appraisal service in many cases. If we need more time to investigate your pieces, expect us to provide the information and documentation you require within two business days.

  5. Service
    We treat everyone like family because we’re family ourselves. So, expect respect and kindness from the moment you walk through our doors – we want you to feel comfortable and welcome here. 



How it Works

When you choose us for jewelry appraisal services, here’s what you can expect before, during, and after the appraisal: 

Before the appraisal

Before visiting our store for a jewelry appraisal, gather any paperwork, previous appraisals, or other documents to authenticate the piece(s) you want to appraise. You can skip this step If you recently purchased your jewelry at our shop.

During the appraisal

During the jewelry appraisal, we will complete the following:

  • Gold TestingTest metal purity
  • Assess the stones
  • Look for distinguishing markings (estate jewelry only) 
  • Complete the appraisal paperwork, including providing a valuatio

After the appraisal

If you’re using our jewelry appraisal services to secure a jewelry insurance policy, you will submit our appraisal to your insurer for coverage. If you’re looking to sell your pieces, we validate our appraisals for two weeks. 

Let us appraise your jewelry! Request an appointment or contact us online today.

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 Jewelry Appraisal FAQs

Jewelry BoxHow much does a jewelry appraisal cost?
If you’ve purchased your jewelry through us, there is no charge for the appraisal. However, if you purchased it elsewhere, we are happy to provide affordable jewelry appraisal fees starting at just $75 per piece, with volume discounts available for multiple items.  

How long does an estate jewelry appraisal take?
We’re known for our speedy turnarounds. In many cases, we can provide the appraisal on the same day. If you have an extensive collection or more research is needed to assign an accurate value, we will complete it within two business days.

Do I need a jewelry appraisal for insurance if I have a receipt showing how much I paid for the piece?
In most cases, yes. Many insurers won’t accept receipts because they lack essential details about your piece, including a detailed description of your purchase.

How often do I need to have my jewelry appraised?
We recommend updating the jewelry appraisal every five years if you have an insurance policy to ensure the information is up to date.   

Is my jewelry valuable enough to appraise?
If you paid $2,000 or more for your jewelry, it’s worth appraising and insuring.



Your Local Jewelry Experts

DGEYou can trust our family-operated business to provide expert jewelry appraisals and sales. Led by Graduate Gemologist Greg Glemser, we are expertly trained with the credentials and knowledge required to deliver fast and accurate service. 

With over 25 years in the jewelry business, we know what it takes to stand out from our competitors, which is why we put customer service first. We dedicate ourselves to being friendly and approachable, always providing the respect you deserve, regardless of your jewelry’s value. 

We are your friends and neighbors in Doylestown, PA, serving our vast customer base throughout Bucks County. When you need a jewelry appraisal for insurance or other purposes, trust us to provide the timely, expert, and quality service you deserve.

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