Buy and Sell Silver

buy & sell silver in Bucks County PAWith Silver around $15 an ounce, there may be some hidden gems that can earn you some quick cash in your home if you decide to sell silver in Bucks County.

As the price of silver continues to rise, so does the price you can get for old jewelry, bullion, flatware and hollow-ware sets. If you have an eight-piece sterling flatware set, you could be looking at over $700 if you bring it to us today. If it is stamped sterling silver or 925, it is worth money to you!

If you have some old bars or bullion you got as a kid, they could be worth well over $16 per bar! Just because it is silver, you may feel there is not much value. but before you dismiss it as junk, please call or stop in so we can evaluate and see what we can do! We buy and sell silver Bucks County residents bring to our location in Doylestown, and we always provide reasonable prices.

Some of the silver items we purchase include:

  • Silver Jewelry
  • Silverware and Sterling Silver Flatware
  • Tea pots and plates
  • Silver bullion and bars

Not Sure what it is? Bring it in and we will assess to see if there is value.

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We Buy Silver